12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 6 – Hiring a CFI, PRE, Vocational Evaluator, Real Estate Appraiser and Other Experts


“My lawyer just called and told me I have to tell Dezzy who’s watching the kids when they’re not with me! Can you believe that?!” Draco complained to Art on the phone. “Apparently her lawyer didn’t like the fact that I said ‘none of your %$&$# business’ in answer to her stupid questions. So he filed some motion making me tell her. I’m getting seriously tired of her gumming up the works. I’m trying to have fun over here. Sasha doesn’t want to spend her time helping me with legal stuff. She says it’s boring.”

Art listened with interest and wondered what kind of motion Desdemona’s lawyer had filed. He was determined to keep expenses down and the court out of things as much as possible. That’s why he fully answered the interrogatories Angel’s lawyer had sent him. Apparently Draco wasn’t that bright.

“At least my lawyer says we might be able to do some of this stupid court stuff over the phone instead of going down to the courthouse. I don’t have time for this nonsense. I’m taking Sasha to Reggae on the Rocks! You are only young once!”

Well, at least Sasha is young, Art thought to himself. With Draco thinking it was fine to keep skipping court, Art immediately realized that he should never miss an appearance.

Questions for July (motions to compel and telephone conferences) why so compelling? And who are you gonna call?

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Article by Annette Bybee and Beth Andersen. Edited by Jacquelyn Gutc of Magpie Media.