Legal Services

There are several approaches you can take when initiating the divorce process. I can help you through the process, no matter which avenue you choose.

In a situation where the break up is uncontested by either party, I can assist you in filing your court papers accurately, getting court approval and reaching a fair agreement. Mediation or unbundled legal services may be the most affordable and expedient in these cases. You have my word I will ensure your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible.

At the other end of the spectrum, some hotly contested situations, such as high conflict divorces, domestic violence cases and custody disputes, require me to enter an appearance, stand up to opposing counsel and handle all court appearances and motions. In these cases, it makes sense to retain me as your lawyer full-time throughout the case.

Most divorces fall somewhere in between. That is why I engage directly and get to know every client personally. By having an attorney who returns your calls, knows you by sight and name, and is directly involved in all aspects of your case, you benefit from the best possible collaborative relationship that respects your needs, goals, skills, schedule and budget.

There are many complex legal matters which need to be handled properly, at a time when both parties are under a great deal of stress. I encourage you to seek legal assistance in the early stages of your divorce proceedings, so that you can benefit from the advice of a lawyer experienced in the intricacies of divorce law.