Elder Law

As part of our work to protect your future, your family and your finances, a focus area at Andersen Law PC is elder law. An extension of estate planning, this practice area specifically addresses the importance of planning to address unique issues and challenges that come with age.

Whether you are a senior or are considering how to support an aging relative, we are here to help provide counsel or represent the desires and best interests of older individuals.

At Andersen Law PC, our elder law services include:

  • Estate plan reviews and preparation of related documents including:
    1. Will
    2. Living will
    3. Medical power of attorney
    4. Financial power of attorney
    5. Trust
    6. Medicaid planning
    7. Long-term care plans (including in-home, nursing home and/or assisted living)
  • Medicaid planning
  • Long-term care plans (including in-home, nursing home and/or assisted living)
  • Health and personal care planning
  • Pre-mortem legal planning (wills, trusts, etc.)
  • Fiduciary representation
  • Legal capacity counseling and representation
  • Public benefits
  • Special needs
  • Insurance issues
  • Resident rights advocacy
  • Housing issues
  • Employment and retirement advice
  • Litigation and administrative agency advocacy
  • Senior counseling

These are critical issues to address sooner than later. Do not wait until a fall or other accident makes them urgent or until the older person’s competence and true intentions can be called into question.

To ensure that your medical and financial decisions as well as estate are managed and addressed as you desire, talk to an elder law attorney as soon as possible to legally establish your plan. We are ready to help. Call Andersen Law PC at 720-922-3880 or schedule your free consultation to discuss your elder law case with an attorney.

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