Unbundled Services

Unbundled services — or limited scope representation — allow you to hire Andersen Law PC to handle as much of your case you want. If you need an attorney’s support and guidance but not full representation from start to finish, unbundled may be the way to go.

Unbundled services are a flexible and more affordable route when you want help with certain stages of your case or specific aspects to it, such as document preparation or making a court appearance. This is a great option when you choose to represent yourself in a family law case but recognize that you will have questions about the legal process that are too important to leave to online searches.

Through this a la carte option, you pay for specific services rather than a traditional retainer. We’ll work with you to help determine what services will be most appropriate for your situation, and if expanded representation becomes necessary, we can adjust the contract.

Continually seeking new ways to innovatively best serve clients, Andersen Law PC founder Beth Andersen was an early adopter of unbundled legal services and has offered them for more than a decade. We are proud that this cost-effective service is a cornerstone of our firm helping everyone gain access to quality legal services for their divorce, family law, estate planning and elder law cases in Colorado.

To discuss your case and whether unbundled services are right for you, call Andersen Law PC at 720-922-3880 or schedule your free consultation to discuss your elder law case with an attorney.