We recently received this powerful client testimonial. We are keeping the client’s identity confidential, but feel it is important to share their story. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, know that you are not alone. You can call Family Tree’s domestic violence hotline 24/7 at 303-420-6752. To discuss your divorce case, contact Andersen Law PC for a free consultation.

“Within a year of the wedding, I had to end the marriage. The sweet, kind man I married had turned out to be a dangerous, violent narcissist. Didn’t see that one coming.

As soon as the ink was dry, it started: the verbal abuse, belittling and degrading my age. Ten months later, with broken ribs, I need out, I needed help. I reached out to the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, who helped tremendously, with counseling, support groups, and protection plans, and put me in the hands of my now-attorney Beth Andersen from Andersen Law PC.

As soon as I spoke with her, I knew this is exactly who I needed on my side. She picked up my case immediately and fought for my rights as a women trying to get out. Not only was she compassionate about the situation but she was very supportive in areas of my rights. With the case coming to a close, being able to recognize these flags and knowing that I was not alone throughout this ordeal brings peace to my life.

As I told Beth, I could have not done this without her or her staff and the support that they showed me. I will forever be grateful. I would HIGHLY recommend her for any family matter.

Thank you Beth for your continue support.”


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