Breaking Upward with Beth Andersen photo with BethWho gets the child tax credits in divorce? Why divorcing on New Year’s Day verses New Year’s Eve is a big tax deal. Why don’t

 you want to put your child on your deed to your house? Why is a will, trust or beneficiary deed is so much better? Get the inside scoop on these and other key tax issues for divorce and probate in this informative episode of “Breaking Upward” when host Beth Andersen is joined by the “extroverted engaging entertaining CPA” (and no, those are not oxymorons) John McGehee of McGehee Davis & Associates.

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CPA John McGehee and attorney Beth Andersen pose for a photo together while recording episode nine of Beth’s “Breaking Upward” podcast

CPA John McGehee talks taxes as they relate to divorce and probate on episode 9 of “Breaking Upward” with Beth Andersen.


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