On this episode of “Breaking Upward,” host Beth Andersen is joined by author, speaker and cult survivor Serena-Faith Masterson. Serena shares her heroic story of resilience and overcoming Dissociative Identity Disorder brought about from being raised in a satanic cult and subjected from infancy to covert mind-control experiments.

Beth and Serena discuss Serena’s book, “I Am Serena,” her personal account of the triumphant, engrossing, and sometimes nail-biting-story of her 20-year struggle to achieve personality integration. Serena doesn’t focus on the most damaging parts of her history, she leads the reader through the counseling sessions, experiences, and profound insights that brought about her transformation, sharing along the way the compassionate, spiritual wisdom that for her lit the light in the darkness.

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Breaking Upward with Beth Andersen photo with Beth

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