By Beth Andersen

At Andersen Law PC, we provide family law services related to issues like divorce and custody, wills and estate planning, probate and elder law.

Here is a tour of our Littleton, Colorado, office to show what you can expect when you meet with us here.

First is the entry area where you wait to meet with us. Someone might be at this front desk waiting to greet you. If not, ring the bell. Our office manager Rosie might be right around the corner and she will come meet you. 

For will signings, we keep our witnesses up front and yet they are in the conscious presence of the person signing the will. That way we can social distance and also have a self-authenticating will. When you arrive for your will signing, everything will be sanitized and ready to go.

A nod to local artists and makers

You’ll see works by local artists around the space. My Heather Marrone painted a scene of a Montana landscape. Ann Tristani did a scene of a Boulder landscape. And a local artist took a photo of mountains. You’ll see that our awards for Best of the Best are also a part of our decor that we’re proud to have on display. 

We also have fabulous handmade shelving by John Jeppesen, who specializes in custom cabinetry and finished carpentry. Notice that on those shelves, you will only see initials on our trial notebooks needed for court. That way your private information stays private.

Work spaces designed with intention

Part of our office space includes standing desks and a very open room. That is in accord with the Agile Project Management work style. The open space provides an area for our sprints and daily standups where we gather and go over our plans for the team. We have several team members who work remotely and they call in for these meetings. This is how we keep your case on track!

Our attorneys are in the back offices. You’ll meet with Jacob, Philadelphia or me for a free initial consult or do it over the phone.

When you meet with me, we’ll sit in my office to talk about all the big issues you are facing. I have a screen to share information you need to know. We may even look up your opposing counsel or watch a video together. It is important to me that I walk you through your case every step of the way. 

Something you may not know about Andersen Law is that we have done video conferences on Zoom since around 2011 when it was just a start-up, so are are very comfortable meeting that way virtually. We’re also happy to meet by phone or in person here in Littleton or at our Evergreen office — whatever you prefer. And if there is a pandemic, we will wear a mask and socially distance. It’s all about what makes you as the client feel comfortable.

For your free consult, call 720-922-3880. You will talk to one of our attorneys to get your case in the right direction. 

You should also check out our other blog posts, Facebook page, YouTube videos, and “Breaking Upward” podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. All of these are chock full of information we just give away for free as a service to you.


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