IALPC celebrates six years with cake t’s hard to believe only six years ago Andersen Law PC was one attorney and an idea to reshape her practice to a new form of family law—one focused on honesty and the highest of ethical standards. Attorney Beth Andersen pursued her dream by renting a single office in the back of a small firm to open Andersen Law PC on Oct. 1, 2014. In a renovated room that once served as the kitchen to an Applebee’s, Beth worked tirelessly for her clients; clients she cared about; clients that might not have any options left without her.

Six years later, Andersen Law PC is chugging along. It isn’t just a one-woman shop anymore. In fact, Beth is thrilled to have a fantastic staff alongside with her—a staff she can’t describe to anyone without telling you how great they are.

Andersen Law celebrates 6 years!

Along with the ALPC team, the office space has grown too. As of 2019, Andersen Law PC is a proud tenant of an office space down the street from its original location. The expanded base for the firm features three offices, a kitchen, a conference room and a lovely open space.

Andersen Law PC looks forward to the future. It has and will always strive to provide its clients with true, robust work, and give them the most valid arguments. As Andersen Law celebrates the past six years, it looks forward to the next six.

But let us not forget the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into forming Andersen Law PC. How do I know? Because I’m Beth’s son. I’ve witnessed it all from day one, and I couldn’t be more proud of my mom. Happy six years Andersen Law PC!

— Nate


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