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Getting ready to downsize your home — and your life overall — in retirement is a tall order. There’s so much to do and think about when you decide to move, get rid of belongings and scale down your retirement budget. Whatever the motivation behind your impending move, here are the most helpful tips for navigating the journey.

Embrace the Downsizing Dilemma

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Senior Couple Moving House

Go for Minimalism and Ditch Extra Clutter 

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Let Family Help Out – Resources for Loved Ones

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Choose a New Place to Live That Works For You

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Budget for Your Home and A Move

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How Much Does It Cost To Move?
Here’s What the Average Retired American’s Budget Looks Like

All of life’s changes can throw a wrench in your retirement plans. But if downsizing is on the horizon, these helpful tips can provide the guidance you need to reach your goals. Start with recognizing the potential for growth in the next phase of your life—and zeroing in on the clutter that’s holding you back.

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