Each year, there are top issues that appear again and again for our clients at Andersen Law PC. Here are the most common ones last year.


Real estate was very expensive in 2019. As a result, the most common issue our clients faced in 2019 was figuring out to keep the marital home, especially for parents who cannot afford to refinance or purchase a new home in the neighborhood.

We were able to work a variety of strategies including directing our clients to meet with mortgage brokers and real estate brokers who can help gather evidence about the options including the duration and amount of maintenance (alimony) needed to refinance.

We have been able to use this information to negotiate a divorce settlement that allows that parent and the children to stay in the neighborhood. Other times, we proceeded to hearing to address the issue in our client’s favor. Sometimes the best option is finding funds to relocate to a nice home and fresh start in the same neighborhood. We are problem solvers who help our clients find the right options for their family.single dad at home with daughter


We had a number of cases in which the person paying maintenance and/or child support sought to modify because a child had emancipated, the support was no longer appropriate because the claims were stale or a party was not using due diligence to find work. These are post-decree (post divorce) proceedings that can bring the proceeding back before the court or into mediation in order to prevent endless payments when they are unwarranted. We will move to dismiss if warranted, reach a favorable settlement in mediation and go to hearing if that is the best option.


The opiate crisis is real. It is common that parents cannot raise their own children due to addiction or other issues. We help grandparents protect their rights through a variety of options including guardianship, motions to exercise grandparenting time or a settlement that respects the rights of all involved.

grandparents with child


Our firm gives free consults to clients of both parties in domestic violence cases. We receive referrals and give free consults to clients of Family Tree, the Fatherhood Project, the Crisis Center, Project Safeguard, Ask-an-Attorney and Metro Volunteer Lawyers. I believe we can make a difference in all of these cases and that both parties have a right to counsel. We want to be the best attorneys we can be, and I believe that includes not restricting ourselves to one gender or the other, including those beyond the binary. We have extensive experience with these contentious cases and have strategies to get the job done, putting the children first.


Many of our clients are facing middle and older age and yet going through divorce or turning to do their wills and estate planning for the first time. They want to avoid the time, hassle, stress and expense of traveling to high-priced Denver firms. And they don’t want to entrust these critical issues to a firm made up of young, inexperienced attorneys fresh out of law school — attorneys who may not have the life experience of having owned a home, cared for aging relatives or put children through school.

ALPC offers a local attorney in your neighborhood with top-tier service at an affordable price. For this reason, we were repeatedly the top choice of clients aged 40 and up who need an estate planning or divorce attorney in 2019.

If you are facing any of these issues, call our office at 720-922-3880, call or text 303-808-4794 (my personal cell), or email me beth@andersenlawpc.com to set up a free consult to get you in the right direction.


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