Guest post by Elizabeth Daerr, founder of Red Rocks Private Investigations

When you go through a divorce, you want the best lawyer, with a team of professionals behind her working to protect your interests. A private investigator can be a critical member of that team in advocating for your case. From surveilling your soon-to-be ex for bad behavior to locating hidden assets after a settlement, investigators provide a variety of services that aid your attorney in building a stronger case.

Here are 3 ways a private investigator can help your attorney in your divorce case.

  1. They can document bad behavior

Perhaps you suspect your spouse of drinking too much and engaging in unsafe behavior, such as driving when your children are in his or her custody. An investigator can follow and document this conduct, which can be used to your advantage, particularly in a custody battle. Likewise, you may be uncertain that your spouse’s new love interest is a safe choice for your children. When you hire an investigator to conduct a background check on this person, it could give you valuable information about their past, including previous criminal activity.

Private investigator stakeout photo documentation

  1. They can find hidden money and assets

In some instances, people who are being sued for divorce try to hide money so they can pay less alimony. Asset recovery research by a private investigator can uncover unknown bank and brokerage accounts, real estate, businesses, cars, and boats among other financial resources about which the suing spouse may not have known. This service can be used during the divorce proceedings or after a judgement has been made and the person refuses to pay. Locating these assets allows your attorney to take additional steps to your benefit.

  1. They can track down your ex

An ex-spouse with a large judgement against him or her may leave the state or country. In rare cases, they may even disappear with the children. A private investigator can be hired to track them down, help law enforcement retrieve the kids, as well as serve papers for future legal action.

In a perfect world, all divorce and custody decisions would be amicable, and you would not need these services. However, it’s best to know all the tools at your disposal if you find yourself in a messy or high stakes divorce.

Elizabeth Daerr is the founder of Red Rocks Private Investigations, based out of Lakewood, Colorado. She is a member of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado and the Colorado Society of Private Investigators. Contact Elizabeth at or 720-625-2423.


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