We would like to thank all our clients who have helped us grow in the past four-plus years from a sole attorney renting one office to a team, including bookkeeper Elizabeth, associate attorney Kameryn, legal assistants Andrea, Linda, Cate and Angelique, editor Jacquelyn, contract attorneys Julie and Tamara, contract paralegal Jessica, accountant Suzie, videographers Chris and Steef, web managers Susan and Gary, and coach Gary.

Over these years, our clients have taught us what they want and how to act.

When other attorneys try to drag things out, we are expedient. When other attorneys put their own bottom line first, we put our client’s financial interests first. When other attorneys hit their clients with a big surprise bill each month, we bill every two weeks and readily share billing information on request. When other attorneys churn up expensive and unnecessary fights, we problem solve for reasonable and practical results. When other attorneys offer only the old-fashioned full-service high retainer, we offer unbundled representation and other creative representation options. When other attorneys focus on running up the bills, we focus on keeping costs down.

When other attorneys fear technology and change, we practice agile, including sprints, stand ups, Kanban boards, videoconferences, secure cloud access and digital document management. When other attorney pays thousands on SEO and ads to drive clients to them, we give away great content on our website for free.

When other attorneys boss and lecture, we listen to and collaborate with our clients. When other attorneys are hard to reach, we take texts and weekend calls to my personal cell phone. When other attorneys push off financial review to the last minute, we start right away crafting excellent spreadsheets and complete financial options, getting the information on the table. When other attorneys worry about their country club memberships and luxury cars, we spend our off hours volunteering 100 hours a year of pro bono work and giving access to justice for all.

We are tough when needed. We are champions for children and families and the financial well being of every client. If a hearing is warranted, we will be there to advocate for you and we will be ready to go. But we are unafraid to be compassionate when that is warranted too. We are not afraid to counsel our clients and redirect them, being fair and reasonable, because that is what the courts want to see and what is best for you, the client.

We do our jobs, unadulterated by showing off and grandstanding to feed our own egos, because we love what we do. And what we do is pure, honest legal work which shows in our mutually supportive weekly teleconference among team members who actually like and care about each other, in our detailed spreadsheets, in our carefully researched and edited briefs presenting your case compellingly and succinctly, in our creative settlement solutions designed to avoid an unnecessary trial, in our comprehensive consults for every estate planning effort, in our meticulously organized documents, in our constantly updated website, in our responsive callbacks whenever our clients need us, in our striving to always do every task better than the time before.

If you need a forward-thinking law firm to help you handle your divorce, family law, estate planning or elder law issues, feel confident in knowing you will be taken care of at Andersen Law PC. Contact us today at 720-922-3880 or contact Beth on her cell at 303-808-4794.


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