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Guest post by Kate Higgins of Unibell Financial

Whether you’re motivated by financial benefits or lifestyle perks, moving to a smaller space after a divorce can be a smart idea with lasting benefits. Ready to start this daunting but exciting task? Here are some tips to help you seamlessly and successfully downsize your home:

Start early. While it’s not always possible, you’ll fare better if you give yourself ample time to make the transition. Plan to allow at least three months to downsize; that’s long enough to sort through your possessions and manage all the details of a move.

Take inventory. It’s not easy, but giving all your belongings an honest assessment will ensure that you only keep items that really matter. Ask yourself: If your possessions were lost in a fire, what would you actually replace? Outlived items tend to get stored in the basement, attic or garage, so it’s wise to start the decluttering process there.

Make a plan.
 As you sort, begin grouping items that don’t make the cut: Will they go to family, friends or charities? Another option is to sell them online or at a consignment shop. Before you bring the “keepers” to your new space, make a simple floor plan with measurements and assign each item a spot to make sure everything fits.

Live creatively.
 You’ll live large in your new small space if you follow some basic decorating and storage tips:

  • Hang mirrors.
  • Use double-duty furniture (like a storage ottoman or a bed frame with drawers).
  • Consider tall bookcases.
  • Utilize hooks and shelves to maximize your vertical spaces.

Downsizing is going to be a big change, but a good attitude and some careful planning can help make sure your new space is a good fit.

Kate Higgins is a mortgage broker in Evergreen, Colorado, who works with first-time homebuyers, investors, those looking to purchase or refinance, and people going through divorce. She is tenacious and loves to work with people, finding solutions to difficult scenarios. To learn more, visit


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