As families come together for the holidays, there is the false reality of TV commercials where everyone is bathed in a glowing light toasting their good fortune. Even friends and relations seem to have it together as they boast about their perfect lives on Facebook.

But then you really think about it and realize that when you think of the people you know best, you know that their lives and families aren’t actually “perfect.” Every couple and family has their own sets of issues and struggles unique to them, some more serious than others.

Maybe your family is fortunate to be close-knit, and you think you don’t know anyone with family law issues. However, the facts are that family law issues affect more than one in two families. So even if you don’t have those issues, you definitely do know someone else dealing with them.

If there is a family member or friend who comes to mind, because they’re going through a tough time with family law issues such as new divorce, separation, or won’t get to be with their children for Thanksgiving or other upcoming holidays, reach out. Make an extra space at your holiday table for that loved on and let them know they aren’t alone.

seat at the table thanksgiving

When it comes down to it, we all need family and friends to reach out at one time or another. Emotions and stress can run high during the holiday season, so there can be no better time to help that person in need. You never know how appreciated it can be and long-lasting your impact will be for that person.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


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