Divorce_ring_denver_andersen_law_pcSo you decided to file for divorce. What next? In Colorado, the first step is to serve the other parent with a petition, case information sheet and summons. These forms are available on the Colorado Judicial forms website. You cannot serve these forms yourself. You need to use a third party such as the sheriff’s department or a process server to accomplish this.

Alternatively, you can file as co-petitioners or have the other party sign a waiver of service of process in front of a notary. As a lawyer, I can counsel you as to which form of service is best, as well as give you advice about how to best complete the forms and what to do in anticipation of the divorce as it makes its way through court.

For example, once a party effects service, there is a mandatory “injunction” on both parties that prevents several things such as closing out accounts, selling large assets such as the marital home, or removing the children from Colorado without the other parent’s permission. I can help you find your way through your options and restrictions as well as answering questions such as:

– Should I mediate and, if so, what do I need to do and bring in order to get the best results?

– Can I move with the children while the divorce is progressing or after it is done?

– What is maintenance and how do I know if it will be paid in my case?

– How do we calculate child support if our income is not on the chart or if I do not know the other person’s income?

– How do I find out what the other person earns and owes me in the divorce?

– How do I act in court? How do I get my evidence admitted and present testimony to the judge?

You can see the basic steps of divorce on the Colorado Judicial Branch website, but those instructions do NOT include the legal advice you need to get an optimal result that is fair to you. An attorney, and ONLY AN ATTORNEY, can give you legal advice in your case. I have seen tragic results costing parties thousands of dollars due to proceeding without good legal advice. On the other hand, I have also seen tragic results where parties paid up to six figures to attorneys simply to get divorced when that was not necessary. Both results are equally bad, in my opinion.

I am a divorced person myself and am committed to making sure you get a fair result for a fair price. That is why I offer things like unbundled legal services and online videoconferencing for a discounted rate.

ANDERSEN LAW PC: When I coach or represent you, I help protect your family, your finances and your future.


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