What Not to Post on Social Media After a Divorce

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed our world and caused people to evaluate how private they want to be and what they want to share with the world or extended friends and family via the Internet. But many people also post to social media without giving a second thought to who can see what they’re posting and whether it’s a good idea to put that post out there. 12.12.16.What Not to Post on Facebook After Divorce. Andersen Law PC. Beth Andersen

It is more important than ever to show a level of restraint in social media posts when you’re involved in a divorce, as what you post can come back to hurt you over the process and even directly impact your settlement and child custody, or you may find yourself hauled into court.

Here are several actions and types of social media posts I’ve seen in real cases that you should make sure to avoid copying as you go through your divorce and after. Continue reading “What Not to Post on Social Media After a Divorce”