The ABCs of Medicare

Medicare comes in four parts not-so-creatively named A, B, C and D.

I use the types as an acronym to sort them in my mind. These are generalizations and, by definition, there is overlap. Andersen-Law-PC-ABCs-of-Medicare-2016

Remember, do NOT fail to enroll or delay in enrolling or you can get a premium surcharge.

Medicare Part A: Acute care for the ill and infirm. This includes hospital coverage, skilled nursing facility coverage, hospice care, home health care. Mental health services can be included as well. Part A does NOT include a premium but does include a deductible (which is $1,288 in 2016.) For hospital stays, there is coinsurance of $322 per day after a 60-day stay and $644 per day after 90 days. Continue reading “The ABCs of Medicare”