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You Say “I Do,” We Say “Prenup”: Things to Know Before Deciding If You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

By Beth Andersen, Andersen Law PC So you are planning to get married? While a premarital or prenuptial agreement (often called a “prenup”) may not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, I believe these agreements can actually make the marriage more likely to succeed.

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12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: THE BASICS – Step 2 – Response to Petition for Dissolution

Each month for one year, the Andersen Law PC blog will spell out the 12 steps of divorce. The following is a roadmap with the basics for 12 steps of a divorce proceeding. The intent is to walk you through the process a simple step at a time. (To see the process in a more […]

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Yours, Mine & Ours: Estate Planning for Married Couples

When it comes time for couples to consider estate planning, there are several aspects of it that must be looked at and decided on. Below are 16 points of estate planning that you and your spouse may need to address, depending on your situation.  Preserving the Estate on the Second Death: If a spouse changes their […]

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Are You Married? You Might Be Surprised to Learn the Answer

Are you married? When did you get married? In Colorado, people may not know the answers to these simple questions. That is because we are in a Common Law Marriage state. Whether you are married is an issue of facts. It’s not just whether you were married seven years  — that is not the standard. […]

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