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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Newly Single or Divorced Person

I have done divorce hearings on the day that should be its opposite: Feb. 14, St. Valentine’s Day.  The irony does not escape my clients.  I am sure they will always recall the DATE of their divorce and find the holiday bittersweet as a result.  The truth is that this holiday can be trying for people […]

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What to Consider About Filing for Divorce at the End of the Year

If a person is considering filing for divorce at the end of the year, there are a lot of things at stake, and sometimes a person can end up spinning in circles deciding whether to file this year or next. I always tell my clients that they should live their life first and consider the […]

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Shared Parenting: 10 Tips for Happy Holidays

Over the river and through the woods takes on a new meaning when a judge must decide whether to grandmother’s house you go. Judges may cringe as the holidays approach, knowing parents will be rushing into court with “emergencies” involving out of state travel, pre-purchased plane tickets and disagreements over the interpretation of parenting plans. […]

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Think You Don’t Know Anyone With Family Law Issues? Think Again.

As families come together for the holidays, there is the false reality of TV commercials where everyone is bathed in a glowing light toasting their good fortune. Even friends and relations seem to have it together as they boast about their perfect lives on Facebook. But then you really think about it and realize that […]

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