12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 9 – Mediation

12-steps-of-divorce-andersen-law-3-mediationPart One: When your know-it-all ‘friend’ tells you about how mediation is a waste of time.

Art Aingel was surprised when his friend Draco DeVille invited him golfing at the country club. Art, of late, had been running around like a college kid, getting the letters “L-I-V-E” and “F-R-E-E” tattooed on his knuckles and spending most nights in his young girlfriend’s Highlands bungalow she shared with four roommates. With each week that passed after Draco’s wife filed for divorce, Draco seemed to be getting less mature, going backward in time like Benjamin Button. Continue reading “12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 9 – Mediation”