Andersen Law Celebrates 6 Years

IALPC celebrates six years with cake t’s hard to believe only six years ago Andersen Law PC was one attorney and an idea to reshape her practice to a new form of family law—one focused on honesty and the highest of ethical standards. Attorney Beth Andersen pursued her dream by renting a single office in the back of a small firm to open Andersen Law PC on Oct. 1, 2014. In a renovated room that once served as the kitchen to an Applebee’s, Beth worked tirelessly for her clients; clients she cared about; clients that might not have any options left without her. Continue reading “Andersen Law Celebrates 6 Years”

Andersen Law PC: Learning From Our Clients to Stand Out


We would like to thank all our clients who have helped us grow in the past four-plus years from a sole attorney renting one office to a team, including bookkeeper Elizabeth, associate attorney Kameryn, legal assistants Andrea, Linda, Cate and Angelique, editor Jacquelyn, contract attorneys Julie and Tamara, contract paralegal Jessica, accountant Suzie, videographers Chris and Steef, web managers Susan and Gary, and coach Gary.

Over these years, our clients have taught us what they want and how to act.

Continue reading “Andersen Law PC: Learning From Our Clients to Stand Out”