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Financial Statements & Divorce: How to Value a Small Business and Protect Your Rights  

Accounting is called the language of business and that’s not bad, because it helps you communicate with financial people and business people. In a family law case, accounting knowledge helps you (or your attorney, CPA or financial expert) ask the right questions to protect your legal rights. Formulating the question so that you get to […]

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Small Business Tips: Factors to Consider When Leasing Office Space

Deciding the location and operating conditions of a small business is an important decision to make. Certain types of small businesses may be operated from home, including those who do work such as graphic designers and consultants, off-site services such as electrical and plumbing, and arts and crafts businesses. Running a business out of the […]

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Small Business Tips: How to Start an LLC in Colorado

Creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an appealing option when starting a business of any size. True to its namesake, an LLC provides its members limited liability in several areas. First, an LLC protects its members’ personal assets from being used to satisfy the business’ debts. This makes LLCs an attractive investment option as […]

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Should a Small Business Owner Hire an Independent Contractor or Employee?

When you own growing small business, you’ll likely hit the point where you need to hire help. Then the question becomes whether to hire an independent contractor or an employee. When deciding between the two options, there are several factors to consider. Even though Colorado is an employment “at will” state (meaning that either the […]

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