12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 4 – Going to Court – The Initial Status Conference

12 Steps of Divorce - Andersen Law-“I’m sorry pal, but I will have to skip the trip to Elephant Rock,” Art Aingel told his friend Draco DeVille. “Our Initial Status Conference (ISC) is that Friday.”

“That’s utter bull!” Draco shouted into the phone. “You don’t have to go to that stupid thing. It’s just a conference, not a trial. I skipped mine, and who cares? I heard you are in some office with a court facilitator lady half the time — not even a real judge.” Continue reading “12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 4 – Going to Court – The Initial Status Conference”

12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 5 – Discovery & Depositions

12 Steps of Divorce - Andersen Law-Step5.5.18.16More paperwork! Angela Aingel could not believe she had more financial and parenting “homework” to do. Her attorney had explained to her that she would need to serve DISCOVERY on her soon-to-be-ex-husband Art.

“We already did all that financial stuff!” Angela complained to her attorney.

“Those were the MANDATORY 16.2 DISCLOSURES,” the attorney explained.   This is DISCOVERY.”

“What’s the difference?” Angela asked, wanting to hear the explanation as to why she was forced to jump through all these hoops, as if the emotional stress of divorce wasn’t already enough. Continue reading “12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 5 – Discovery & Depositions”

12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 8 – Temporary Orders Hearing

Andersen-Law-PC-12-Steps-Divorce-Temporary-Orders-HearingDesdemona DeVille and Angela Aingel sat on the bench by the country club where they had just finished a less-than-heated round of tennis.

The whole match, Desdemona had kept stopping play and motioning Angela to the net so she could either boast about the Motion to Compel she had served on her soon-to-be-ex-husband Draco, complain about the exact same motion, which Draco had served, on her or both.

“I cannot wait to drag that man into court again,” Desdemona announced angrily after the match. “Over my dead body will Draco get this country club membership!” Desdemona was shouting loud enough to echo across the nearby courts to hear. She saw a member of a nearby foursome rushing off to the clubhouse and hoped it was not to complain about Desdemona’s antics. Angela remembered that Desdemona had been politely removed from the summer league due to her frequent outbursts after putting lemon vodka in her water bottle.

As usual, Desdemona was a lot more worried about her own emotions than any effect the volume of her rant might have on those nearby. She waved her racquet over her head for emphasis, complaining, “Draco says he needs the club membership for his business developments. Hmmph! What about my business and my personal development? This is where I plan to meet my next husband!”

“What about Danny?” Angela asked, referring to the younger man Desdemona had been dating ever since she and Draco were on the outs.

“That boy toy? He’s just something to do,” Desdemona rolled her eyes. “I will never marry again without reviewing three months of his pay stubs and bonuses, taking a solo meeting with his financial advisor and at least three credit reports!” Continue reading “12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 8 – Temporary Orders Hearing”

New Grant Allows Parents Access to Child Care During Court in Jefferson County


As a member of the 1st District Access to Justice Committee (ATJ), I help find grants benefitting our courts. Working with excellent, passionate committee members, I have been part of the team winning two recent grants for our district.

Earlier, I worked with Ric Morgan, a private practicing attorney and statewide leader in video conferencing for legal issues, to win a grant that allowed us to improve access to legal counsel for litigants in low-income and rural areas through video conferencing.

Then, hearing concerns from judges and court personnel that child care is a critical need in the courts, I helped Court Administrator Caren Stanley apply for child care funding. Caren and the ATJ surveyed other districts to see how they handle child care. We learned of statewide programs providing child care on site or through voucher programs.

From there, we developed a concept for a voucher program, and in late June, we received word that our funding request was granted.

I’m grateful for the hard work Caren and ATJ put in contacting court personnel and working with me to make court obligations less stressful for parents.

Stay tuned as Jefferson County works to provide parents with vouchers to use with local child care providers. I promise to keep you posted as this initiative rolls into operation.