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Shared Parenting: 10 Tips for Happy Holidays

Over the river and through the woods takes on a new meaning when a judge must decide whether to grandmother’s house you go. Judges may cringe as the holidays approach, knowing parents will be rushing into court with “emergencies” involving out of state travel, pre-purchased plane tickets and disagreements over the interpretation of parenting plans. […]

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A Parent’s Guide to Children and Divorce (Infographic)

As a family and divorce attorney in Littleton, Colorado, I see a wide variety of cases and a range of ways divorce is handled between not only the couple, but between parents and their kids. There is also a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about divorce stats, and parents don’t always understand how […]

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What are the first steps in filing for divorce?


So you decided to file for divorce. What next? In Colorado, the first step is to serve the other parent with a petition, case information sheet and summons. These forms are available on the Colorado Judicial forms website. You cannot serve these forms yourself. You need to use a third party such as the sheriff’s department […]

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How and why to keep the kids out of your divorce


I want to address the issue of putting the kids in the middle of a divorce tug of war. Don’t do it! It’s natural that when the other parent slings mud at you, puts you down to the children or tries to pull them over to their side, you want to defend yourself and “pull back.” But unfortunately, in […]

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Though Helpful, a Mediator Does Not Replace a Lawyer in Divorce Proceedings

Mediation can be an excellent way to make progress and, ideally, resolve your divorce proceeding. In an era when the courts are overrun with divorces and have little time to address critical issues about your family and finances, mediation gives you more control over results. However, a mediator does NOT replace an attorney.  A mediator […]

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Think You Don’t Know Anyone With Family Law Issues? Think Again.

As families come together for the holidays, there is the false reality of TV commercials where everyone is bathed in a glowing light toasting their good fortune. Even friends and relations seem to have it together as they boast about their perfect lives on Facebook. But then you really think about it and realize that […]

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Unbundled Legal Services Offer a Way for Many to Hire a Divorce Attorney

When you hear the term “divorce attorney,” what comes to mind? Do you think of celebrities in the tabloids with their high-profile multi-million dollar divorces, custody battles and “conscious uncoupling”? Maybe you don’t take it quite that far, but you do think divorce attorneys are only for the wealthy. Fortunately, that is just a myth. […]

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The Maintenance Myth

  With a new maintenance statute going into effect in January 2014, the topic has received attention in the Colorado press. Maintenance refers to a form of spousal support commonly known as alimony.  In a nutshell, it is paid by the higher breadwinner to the lower.   A common rule of thumb, roughly accurate based on […]

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Getting What You Need in a Settlement

  Settlement is almost always the most efficient and satisfactory way to resolve a case.  That being said, the best way to prepare to settle is by preparing to try the case.  The same facts and legal analysis play roles in both processes.   The main difference is that trial is almost entirely adversarial.  Settlement negotiations (while also […]

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The Pro Se Litigant

  My client and I wait for a woman to clear her bundle of papers from the thick wooden Petitioner’s table. The woman glances nervously at us and then at the gray-haired, black-robed judge, seated high at his mahogany bench. The woman’s hands shake and her eyes tear slightly as she sweeps her muddled heap of […]

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