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Download Our New Easy-to-Follow Steps of Divorce Chart

At Andersen Law PC, we work with clients to help reduce the stress and uncertainty of the divorce process. The latest resource we’ve created to do that is our divorce process flowchart, which breaks the process down into its basic parts. Please use this tool as a reference as needed and share with people you […]

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You Say “I Do,” We Say “Prenup”: Things to Know Before Deciding If You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

By Beth Andersen, Andersen Law PC So you are planning to get married? While a premarital or prenuptial agreement (often called a “prenup”) may not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, I believe these agreements can actually make the marriage more likely to succeed.

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How to Successfully Downsize After a Divorce

Guest post by Kate Higgins of Unibell Financial Whether you’re motivated by financial benefits or lifestyle perks, moving to a smaller space after a divorce can be a smart idea with lasting benefits. Ready to start this daunting but exciting task? Here are some tips to help you seamlessly and successfully downsize your home:

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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Newly Single or Divorced Person

I have done divorce hearings on the day that should be its opposite: Feb. 14, St. Valentine’s Day.  The irony does not escape my clients.  I am sure they will always recall the DATE of their divorce and find the holiday bittersweet as a result.  The truth is that this holiday can be trying for people […]

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What You Should Know About Discharging Domestic Debts in Bankruptcy

When you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many of your debts will be discharged, meaning you will no longer be liable to pay them. However, certain types of domestic debts are non-dischargeable, so filing for bankruptcy will not get rid of your liability to pay those debts. Below is a breakdown of […]

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How to Revive a Judgment

In many cases, a divorce can end with you receiving a judgment against your ex-spouse for spousal maintenance (alimony). However, your judgment has an expiration date. County court judgments expire and are unenforceable six years from the date of the judgment, while district court judgments expire and are unenforceable 20 years from the date of […]

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Mothers’ Rights, Fathers’ Rights — What’s Right?

I am sure there are some firms who, starting back in the days of Kramer v. Kramer, wanted to protect fathers.  However, I personally think that several firms called themselves “fathers’ rights” as a marketing device because the father is usually the higher breadwinner. Not every client is satisfied by the big firm who advertises on sports radio […]

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What Not to Post on Social Media After a Divorce

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed our world and caused people to evaluate how private they want to be and what they want to share with the world or extended friends and family via the Internet. But many people also post to social media without giving a second thought to who […]

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How to Collect a Court Judgement

Sometimes in the course of divorce or child custody proceedings, the court will award one party to pay certain fees, such as attorney’s fees, for the other party. If that party does not pay those fees, the recipient party can make a motion for a money judgment showing that the money was owed and was […]

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How Divorce Affects Your Social Security Benefits

Because Social Security is the No. 1 income source for retirees in our country, a divorcing person should consider how his or her benefits will be affected.  Before diving into the effects of divorce on these benefits, it makes sense to do a quick review on the basics of the benefits themselves. YOUR WORK BENEFITS: Your benefits will depend […]

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