Andersen Law PC Introduces New Form of Affordable Payment: Predictable Pricing

We are excited to announce new forms of payment for our domestic relations, protection order and probate litigation clients: predictable pricing. Predictable pricing allows you to have a better sense of your legal fees so you can plan your budget, picking and choosing what you need. This pricing model is very similar to our current unbundled pricing model because you choose what you want and pay in advance. Continue reading “Andersen Law PC Introduces New Form of Affordable Payment: Predictable Pricing”

The Modern Legal Practice: Why You CAN Afford an Attorney

On May 11, 2018, I attended a seminar on Modern Legal Representation.

The AMAZING news is that Andersen Law PC has been practicing these techniques from the day we opened our doors, and I used many of these practices for years before opening the firm.  A few attorneys are trying these techniques of late. Few if any have been doing all of them as long and as consistently as I have.

I think we have modern representation down to a science and know how to make it work for our clients at Andersen Law PC. After years of doing this type of practice, what seems new and different to other attorneys is actually familiar, routine and downright comfortable for us.  We know what works, what does not work, and how to use modern representation techniques to best benefit you. For unbundled representation and some of the types of representation below, the retainer is a lot smaller than you would think.

Here are some aspects of our firm that can save you thousands of dollars as opposed to those traditional firms with huge retainers:

Continue reading “The Modern Legal Practice: Why You CAN Afford an Attorney”

Get Free Info on Family Law Legal Procedures Jan. 19

On Friday, Jan. 19, join me at the Domestic Relations Pro Se Clinic at the Arapahoe Courthouse II, if you are representing yourself in a family law case and have questions about procedures.

I will volunteer at the clinic from 8:30 a.m. to noon in Room 128, next to the Clerk’s Office.

Individuals will get 15 minutes with an attorney and assistance will be given on a first come, first served basis.

We will not provide legal advice, but will offer procedural information.

The courthouse is at 1790 W. Littleton Blvd. in Littleton.

Beth Joins Team Training Legal Personnel on Unbundled Legal Services

In early September, I attended training for unbundled legal services trainers. I am so excited to be one of the new trainers in this area of the law!

In a conference room in our beautiful Supreme Court building, the Ralph Carr Judicial Center in downtown Denver, I met with three judges, a representative from the Colorado Bar Association and six other attorneys who practice unbundled legal services. Continue reading “Beth Joins Team Training Legal Personnel on Unbundled Legal Services”

Will You Please Help Me Support Business Owners in Need?

The disastrous floods of 2013 prompted action in Evergreen, the community that my children and I have called home for so many years. Between the flooding and almost yearly fires that have forced my family and many other families and business owners to flee, it became clear that our community members regularly need support. Evergreen Chamber Disaster Fund presents check to Evergreen resident.

That was when I worked with others in the area to launch the nonprofit organization, the Evergreen Chamber Disaster Fund. The fund raises money to be distributed to business owners in times of need, whether due to natural disasters or personal hardships like illnesses. In the picture to the right, Penny Randall is shown with Evergreen Chamber of Commerce President Betsy Hays, fund board members Bruce Anderson and Linda Castle, and Evergreen Fire Inspector Dan Hrouda as she receives a check from the fund after losing her home in a fire.

This is a cause close to my heart, which is why I will again be participating in the Evergreen Rotary’s annual 100 Holes of Golf on Thursday, June 15, along with my fellow board members. We would love it if you would support our team with a donation.

As some of you know, I am getting married on July 1. In lieu of gifts, I ask that you please sponsor me in the 100 Holes of Golf. I’ll be accepting donations benefitting the Evergreen Chamber Disaster Fund through July 31.

You can make a donation here or by sending a check – made payable to “Evergreen Chamber Community Fund” – directly to me: Andersen Law PC, 12712 W. Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton, CO 80127.

Thank you in advance for your support! The residents and business owners of Evergreen and I greatly appreciate it!

Beth Andersen

Access Free Legal Conference Each Week

If you’re familiar with my practice, you know that I strongly believe in everyone having affordable access to legal advice and receiving as much or as little help as they want in a case. It is in that spirit that I offer unbundled – a la carte – legal services in addition to full legal representation, allowing the client to determine how much they will have my assistance. It’s also in this spirit that I offer the option of legal advice provided virtually through video chat. Continue reading “Access Free Legal Conference Each Week”

Andersen Law PC Turns 1!

October is an exciting month for Andersen Law PC. On Oct. 1, the practice celebrated its first anniversary! I couldn’t be more excited to achieve this milestone, which I hope is the first of many more to come.

Andersen Law PC first anniversary cake

Over this first year, I expanded into elder law, and trust and estate planning became an increasing area of my business. I continued to strive for innovation, providing clients and the public alike an opportunity to receive free and lower cost legal assistance through video conferencing. This is part of an effort to provide access to legal advice to anyone who wants it. Another facet to this is offering unbundled legal services, which Andersen Law PC did right from the start and I have been providing for years. The legal industry is usually slow to change, and other firms are just now trying to catch up and offer this collaborative, more affordable, type of service that I have offered for years. Continue reading “Andersen Law PC Turns 1!”

Learn About Littleton Family Law Practice Andersen Law PC (Video)

I’m so excited to share with all of you this new video about my family law practice in Littleton, Colorado. I was fortunate to team up with Denver Film & Digital to create a brief video that encompasses what Andersen Law PC is all about.

I work hard to stand out among other Colorado family law attorneys and believe that my own experiences of working in big, New York City law firms and then going through my own divorce have helped make me the family law and divorce attorney that I am today.  Continue reading “Learn About Littleton Family Law Practice Andersen Law PC (Video)”