FREE Advice Available at Jeffco Legal Clinics All Year

Every year, a major focus of mine is to devote dozens of hours to pro bono work, giving back to the community and helping anyone who wants it to access legal assistance. One way I do this work is through volunteering at a variety of free legal clinics around Jefferson County each month. The clinics typically allow visitors to attend on a first come, first served basis and to receive 15 minutes of free legal advice on their divorce or family law issue. Please share this information with family and friends who could benefit.

Below is my clinic volunteer calendar for 2020, so far. Keep an eye on my Facebook page and under the ALPC Volunteering the Community tab for additional dates and events as they are added. Continue reading “FREE Advice Available at Jeffco Legal Clinics All Year”

Will You Please Help Me Support Business Owners in Need?

The disastrous floods of 2013 prompted action in Evergreen, the community that my children and I have called home for so many years. Between the flooding and almost yearly fires that have forced my family and many other families and business owners to flee, it became clear that our community members regularly need support. Evergreen Chamber Disaster Fund presents check to Evergreen resident.

That was when I worked with others in the area to launch the nonprofit organization, the Evergreen Chamber Disaster Fund. The fund raises money to be distributed to business owners in times of need, whether due to natural disasters or personal hardships like illnesses. In the picture to the right, Penny Randall is shown with Evergreen Chamber of Commerce President Betsy Hays, fund board members Bruce Anderson and Linda Castle, and Evergreen Fire Inspector Dan Hrouda as she receives a check from the fund after losing her home in a fire.

This is a cause close to my heart, which is why I will again be participating in the Evergreen Rotary’s annual 100 Holes of Golf on Thursday, June 15, along with my fellow board members. We would love it if you would support our team with a donation.

As some of you know, I am getting married on July 1. In lieu of gifts, I ask that you please sponsor me in the 100 Holes of Golf. I’ll be accepting donations benefitting the Evergreen Chamber Disaster Fund through July 31.

You can make a donation here or by sending a check – made payable to “Evergreen Chamber Community Fund” – directly to me: Andersen Law PC, 12712 W. Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton, CO 80127.

Thank you in advance for your support! The residents and business owners of Evergreen and I greatly appreciate it!

Beth Andersen

Access Free Legal Conference Each Week

If you’re familiar with my practice, you know that I strongly believe in everyone having affordable access to legal advice and receiving as much or as little help as they want in a case. It is in that spirit that I offer unbundled – a la carte – legal services in addition to full legal representation, allowing the client to determine how much they will have my assistance. It’s also in this spirit that I offer the option of legal advice provided virtually through video chat. Continue reading “Access Free Legal Conference Each Week”

Evergreen Chamber Community Fund: A new way to give back

View from Evergreen Mountain by Jacquelyn Gutc
The view from Evergreen Mountain

When FEMA officials visited my beautiful hometown of Evergreen, Colorado after our recent floods, they said that we could expect a major disaster every four years or so. Reflecting on recent blizzards, floods and fires, this sounds accurate. And the resulting devastation can be enough to prevent local families and businesses from thriving.

This is why a core group of committed Evergreen residents created the Evergreen Chamber Community Fund, a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization designed to help businesses and families in the time of disaster.  The Fund is NOT limited to Chamber members or even Evergreen residents. It includes our entire mountain community because we ARE a community devoted to helping each other in times of trouble.

Our intent is to have the nonprofit structure in place to allow fundraisers, grants and whatever else it takes to move into action when disaster strikes. We will interview applicants and disburse the funds where appropriately needed, as well as operate programs to make sure the relief is effected. We are more than a foundation; we are an organization that can do anything from putting on a relief concert, handing out sandwiches to volunteers, applying for national grant money, to … well, you name it.

I am honored to serve alongside Susan Hammond, Kelly Breuer, Angela Ryan and Lynne Lyons in ushering this good idea to its reality — but we are only the current participants. Many individuals including the Chamber staff of past and present — Philip Levy, Dean Haave and others — worked on this endeavor.

Give me a call in order to join us in protecting Evergreen proactively with a nonprofit that is by us and for us! We do so much to take care of others and now we have another great way to take care of our own!

Sharing Unique Aspects of my Practice with Law Students

denver university law school andersen law pc

On April 9, 2015, I was honored to appear with five other panelists to present to Denver University Law School students on entrepreneurial lawyering.

Increasingly, law students are embracing the option of hanging their own shingles rather than waiting for an offer to work for another attorney. The panel pointed out advantages of solo practice including flexibility, the ability to serve clients more efficiently and affordably, the lack of restraints on innovation and the unlimited creative control over the direction of the practice.

Students had several questions and were excited to hear that there are alternatives to the pressures and inefficiencies of traditional practice. I discussed creative billing and representation options such as unbundled legal services and video conferencing. Call me to discuss how this model can best help you with your family law issues.

What Makes a Great Attorney?

Gavel and Law Book

Being a lawyer is not just a job to me — it’s my calling. I do not take the responsibility lightly. As a client, you are coming to me for help with personal and critical events like divorce, parenting time and estate planning. These go to the heart of life: your FAMILY, FINANCES, FUTURE. That’s why it’s not enough to be a good lawyer; I strive to be a GREAT lawyer.

GUIDANCE: A good lawyer uses knowledge of the law to help make a good argument for the client. But a GREAT lawyer uses knowledge of the law and wisdom of experience to help the client realize broader goals than the case, to behave appropriately outside the courtroom and going forward. A GREAT lawyer knows legal fees, the stress of litigation and the toll on the long-term relationships are just as important as winning motions and trials.

RESPECT: A good lawyer takes the reins and says “don’t worry about it.” So you don’t until you get the bill or a shocking result.  A GREAT lawyer works collaboratively with you as a two-person team; respects your point of view; and is mindful of your financial and time restrictions.

EXCELLENCE: A good lawyer handles every case similarly based on a time-tested model. A GREAT lawyer realizes that each case is unique and may require additional research, attention or creativity above and beyond the norm. A GREAT lawyer will go the extra mile even if she can’t bill it to the client. She NEVER churns a case just to get a higher fee. She constantly studies, networks and trains to keep pace with the latest legal developments.

ATTITUDE: Many good lawyers see themselves as well educated professionals whose time is precious and who need to be feared and obeyed. A GREAT lawyer has the same education and experience, but realizes that interactions with clients need to be positive, patient and personable. A GREAT lawyer is not afraid to get creative and try things like “unbundled legal services” because they serve clients better and more affordably.

TECHNOLOGY: The legal field moves at a glacial pace when it comes to technology and other basic business developments.  Many good lawyers act as if “snail mail” and checking in with the client once a month are state of the art. GREAT lawyers use online communication, affordable research models and independent contractors to avoid excessive overhead. GREAT lawyers participate in video conferencing and regular online billing to keep you on top of your fees and case progress. GREAT lawyers text, read email, answer their cell phones after hours and act as if we live in the 21st century. You deserve it!

New Family Law Practice Means More Options, Convenience for Clients

Beth Andersen

As you may know, I recently branched out into my own solo practice, Andersen Law PC. Although I am on my own now, with offices in Littleton, my clients are continuing to receive the strong support and guidance that I have always provided.

At my new practice, I’m continuing to practice law I am passionate about, helping clients navigate through family law and estate planning. I have a stellar back office  and network of advisers working as a team for you. Meanwhile, I am your single point of contact. If I take your case, you will be working directly with me; not with a paralegal or junior associate.

Launching Andersen Law PC means that I can offer clients even more benefits than ever before.  I can now be more creative with my billing, offering full service representation with affordable retainers, “unbundled” a la carte legal services — paying as you go — and anything in between.

In order to be available to my clients in ways that are convenient for them, I am always seeking new technology to use as well. For example, I offer video conferencing, online document sharing, e-billing and credit card payment, text updates and automated document organization — all at affordable price points.

My new offices are conveniently located at the intersection of C-470 and Ken Caryl and the building, which says “Pickard & Ross,” can clearly be seen from C-470. You can find me there eager to help with your family law issue or estate planning.