4 Ways to Keep Living in Ken Caryl, Colorado, After a Divorce

Guest Post by Paige Michaelis, Realtor

Ken Caryl is an incredible neighborhood where I have been privileged to live for the past three years. I have always found it interesting the extent to which people go to stay in this neighborhood. Either making long commutes to keep their kids at Bradford K-8 or doing what is lovingly called the “Ken Caryl Shuffle” — where one moves “Up” to the North Ranch or the Valley or moves to an upgraded home in their same neighborhood. It is such a common thing, and believe me, I get it, Ken Caryl is in demand. But, it can be expensive, and during divorce, it can be difficult to hold onto one’s home.

If you are in the process of divorce or are considering, here are a few options that may be helpful in deciding how you can stay in Ken Caryl:

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All the Details: Funding Revocable Living Trusts

Funding your revocable living trust can be overwhelming. It is important that you properly title any assets that you want to transfer into your trust, and there are benefits and disadvantages to transferring such property. If you have questions about a type of property not discussed below, or you want help transferring your property, Andersen Law PC is happy to help.

The following is a selection from Form 1210 – Trust Funding Memorandum from the “Orange Book Forms: Colorado Estate Planning Forms” book published by Continuing Legal Education in Colorado Inc. Please note: This post addresses funding a revocable living trust for an individual. There are slight, but important differences to be aware of if you and your spouse have revocable living trusts or if you have a joint revocable trust.

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What You Should Know About Divorce and Dating With Children

Guest Post by Shannon Rios Paulsen, LMFT

The issue of dating arises in every session of “Co-Parenting After Divorce” I facilitate. After working with thousands of families, I have come to believe that dating and remarrying are among the biggest risk factors for children of divorce. Statistically, children of divorce are two-and-a-half times more likely to have adjustment and achievement issues than children from intact families. Dating and stepfamilies DO impact children. It is true that a new partner can sometimes impact children positively, but it is also true that this aspect of their parents’ divorce can cause stress and challenges for children. Continue reading “What You Should Know About Divorce and Dating With Children”

Andersen Law PC Receives Ethics Award Nomination

Andersen Law PC is honored to be nominated for the Evergreen Rotary Ethics in Business award. Companies are chosen for their ethics in operating their businesses and contributing to the community.

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Estate Planning Tips for Seniors

Guest post by Mike Lies of Gold Compass Real Estate

Planning for the future is a necessary step for seniors. It avoids family fights, legal fees and government possession. Estate planning can be a difficult process as there are some uncomfortable decisions that have to be made such as how assets will be distributed and to whom as well as funeral arrangements and medical wishes. The typical estate planning documents include a will and testament to specify gifts for family members, power of attorney, trusts, and health care directive.

Here are some tips for seniors when it comes to estate planning:

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Don’t Be Duped by Divorce: What to Know Before You Decide to Sell or Keep Your House

Guest post by Mike Olson of GO Colorado Realty

Did you know that every 13 seconds, someone, somewhere files for a divorce?  When you look for a home with your spouse, you don’t think about the possibility of a divorce. You think about the fun things about owning a home like being able to decorate it with your favorite colors and style, making dinners together in the kitchen and the amazing closet to fit all your brand name shoes. The fact of the matter is that 41% of all first marriages end in divorce, and the rate is even higher for second and third marriages. There are several important things to consider when you file for divorce, and perhaps one of the most important is what will happen with your house. Continue reading “Don’t Be Duped by Divorce: What to Know Before You Decide to Sell or Keep Your House”

What is a Small Estate?

Guest post by Julie Nichols, JD/MSW

Probate is the legal process of what happens to someone’s property (their estate) after they die. The term also refers to the administration of that estate – the things that have to be done after a death so that ownership of all of the decedent’s property can be transferred to those who are entitled to it.

Probate proceedings are not always required (although there will always be some necessary paperwork). Sometimes ownership of assets passes automatically to pre-determined individuals.  Continue reading “What is a Small Estate?”