Mothers’ Rights, Fathers’ Rights — What’s Right?

I am sure there are some firms who, starting back in the days of Kramer v. Kramer, wanted to protect fathers. What to Know Before Seeking a "Father's Rights" Law Firm - Andersen Law PC Beth Andersen

However, I personally think that several firms called themselves “fathers’ rights” as a marketing device because the father is usually the higher breadwinner.

Not every client is satisfied by the big firm who advertises on sports radio proclaiming fathers’ rights. I handle MANY cases that came from the so-called fathers’ rights firms who charged outrageously high fees, and then the clients were tapped out and weren’t even divorced yet. The label did them no good. Read More »

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How to Sign a Document Using ‘Power of Attorney’

Andersen Law PC - How to sign a document as agent pursuant to power of attorneyA financial or medical power of attorney is a legal document where one person (the “principal”) grants another person (the “agent”) the “power of attorney” to act on the principal’s behalf in certain cases. For example, a principal could grant an agent the power to act on their behalf, e.g.: withdraw money, sell property, etc. It’s important to have someone you trust as your agent under power of attorney, because this power generally starts immediately and not just once you are incapacitated.

If you have been granted the power of attorney, you may have to sign documents on the principal’s behalf. Colorado law does not specify how this signature must appear, but various organizations have listed the minimum requirements of signing while using your granted power of attorney: Read More »

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What Not to Post on Social Media After a Divorce

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed our world and caused people to evaluate how private they want to be and what they want to share with the world or extended friends and family via the Internet. But many people also post to social media without giving a second thought to who can see what they’re posting and whether it’s a good idea to put that post out there. 12.12.16.What Not to Post on Facebook After Divorce. Andersen Law PC. Beth Andersen

It is more important than ever to show a level of restraint in social media posts when you’re involved in a divorce, as what you post can come back to hurt you over the process and even directly impact your settlement and child custody, or you may find yourself hauled into court.

Here are several actions and types of social media posts I’ve seen in real cases that you should make sure to avoid copying as you go through your divorce and after. Read More »

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Think You Don’t Know Anyone With Family Law Issues? Think Again.

As families come together for the holidays, there is the false reality of TV commercials where everyone is bathed in a glowing light toasting their good fortune. Even friends and relations seem to have it together as they boast about their perfect lives on Facebook. family dinner andersen law pc beth andersen

But then you really think about it and realize that when you think of the people you know best, you know that their lives and families aren’t actually “perfect.” Every couple and family has their own sets of issues and struggles unique to them, some more serious than others.

Maybe your family is fortunate to be close-knit, and you think you don’t know anyone with family law issues. However, the facts are that family law issues affect more than one in two families. So even if you don’t have those issues, you definitely do know someone else dealing with them. Read More »

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Looking for Long-Term Care: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are several steps you can take to make sure that you are not making a decision about a long-term care (nursing home or assisted living) placement for your loved one or yourself at the last minute. It’s important to look around ahead of time, consider long-term care insurance and get in-home care before that fateful broken hip or other accident occurs.


However, if you do end up in that precarious position, a hospital discharge about to occur, you may end up facing the “bad” or the “ugly” side of placement. For example, the hospital may push rushed placement into a subpar facility. Some of these have low rankings, insufficient nursing care, understaffed Alzheimer’s wings warehousing over-medicated individuals in rows of wheelchairs.

If you think I am exaggerating for effect, I am not. I was privileged to work at the Community Support Services unit of MFY Legal Services in New York. This agency successfully brought proceedings against adult homes labeled “hell homes” by the New York Times due to horrors such as bedsores, rat bites, insufficient food and unexplained deaths.

On the other hand, Colorado has wonderful facilities full of loving and skilled care.

Here are some things to look for in order to get the GOOD without the BAD and the UGLY.  Read More »

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How to Collect a Court Judgement

Sometimes in the course of divorce or child custody proceedings, the court will award one Andersen Law PC - How to Collect a Judgementparty to pay certain fees, such as attorney’s fees, for the other party. If that party does not pay those fees, the recipient party can make a motion for a money judgment showing that the money was owed and was not paid. However, the court cannot collect the money for you; you have to go through certain steps to get the money from the person who owes you. Read More »

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How Divorce Affects Your Social Security Benefits

Because Social Security is the No. 1 income source for retirees in our country, a divorcing person should consider how his or her benefits will be affected. 10-17-16-divorce-socialsecuritybenefits-andersenlawpc

Before diving into the effects of divorce on these benefits, it makes sense to do a quick review on the basics of the benefits themselves.

YOUR WORK BENEFITS: Your benefits will depend on how much you earned over your working career and the age at which you apply for benefits. At age 62, each year’s earnings are tallied and indexed for inflation. The highest 35 years of earnings are totaled and indexed for inflation then averaged to compute your “AIME.” This amount is divided by bend points to determine your PIA (primary insurance amount) which you will receive and adjust with a cost of living adjustment over time. If you apply early, you will receive a percentage of your PIA depending on the month of retirement. To calculate your benefits, you can go here and click on “estimate your retirement benefits” or click here. Read More »

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The ABCs of Medicare

Medicare comes in four parts not-so-creatively named A, B, C and D.

I use the types as an acronym to sort them in my mind. These are generalizations and, by definition, there is overlap. Andersen-Law-PC-ABCs-of-Medicare-2016

Remember, do NOT fail to enroll or delay in enrolling or you can get a premium surcharge.

Medicare Part A: Acute care for the ill and infirm. This includes hospital coverage, skilled nursing facility coverage, hospice care, home health care. Mental health services can be included as well. Part A does NOT include a premium but does include a deductible (which is $1,288 in 2016.) For hospital stays, there is coinsurance of $322 per day after a 60-day stay and $644 per day after 90 days. Read More »

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10 Key Questions for Couples Preparing Wills & Estate Planning

When you think it might be time for you and your significant other to consider a will or other estate planning options, there are several important questions that you’ll likely have. Below are 10 of the key questions you should consider when you’re preparing wills and estate planning.  Read More »

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12 STEPS OF DIVORCE: Step 1 – Serving and Filing a Petition for Dissolution

Each month for one year, the Andersen Law PC blog will spell out the 12 steps of divorce.

In doing so, we will also track two divorcing couples making their way through the process.12 Steps of Divorce - Andersen Law - January

Spoiler alert: Art and Angela Aingel take the high road. While divorce is not usually a fun process (I have yet to hear someone tell the judge at final orders, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”), the Aingels have a relatively straightforward experience before moving forward with their separate lives. Meanwhile, Draco and Desdemona DeVille make choices that, while initially tempting, detour them down a bad road laden with unnecessary drama, painful court appearances and skyrocketing costs.

The following is a roadmap of the 12 steps of a divorce proceeding. And if you want to divorce in less than a year, feel free to call me with questions specific to your situation. I am happy to walk you through your own next steps and to answer questions in your complimentary initial phone or videoconference consult. Read More »

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