Free Legal Advice at Belmar and Evergreen Libraries, Dec. 6

Thursday, Dec. 6
Get free, 15-minute civil law consults via video chat. I will participate in the clinic at Belmar Library, 555 S. Allison Parkway in Lakewood, from 2-3:30 p.m. The event is first come, first served.
There is also a clinic at the Evergreen Library, 5000 County Road 73, 3:30-5 p.m. You can pre-register in person the day of by calling 303-235-5275. Please note that these clinics are offered the first Thursday of each month.

What a Mortgage Lender Wants You To Know About Credit

Guest post by Salina Tornabene, mortgage loan officer with Guild Mortgage

There are subjects rarely taught in schools that indeed, shape our future as we venture into the “real world.” “Credit 101” isn’t covered in our educational system and in the end, albeit an ugly truth, credit has the potential to define our lives. It certainly costs more money to have no or bad credit than to maneuver through your financial world with good credit.

I thought I would break it down just a bit so – so the mystery is dispelled.

What a Mortgage Lender Wants You To Know About Credit

Here are some credit basics you should know.

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How to Do A Court Hearing For Your Divorce

Hospitals do not let people show up and do medical procedures on their kids.  If you are closing on a house, your mortgage company will not let you do your own title search; you have to hire a title insurance company to do it.  You cannot drive a car or own certain weapons without training and a license.

But guess what you can do?  Waltz into court and handle the hearing on your divorce without any training much less a license to practice law.  This is something people with years of education and training find challenging.  I am tempted to say, “Good luck with that.”

Except a huge percentage of people do have to do this in order to protect their family, finances and future. Continue reading “How to Do A Court Hearing For Your Divorce”

Andersen Law PC Introduces New Form of Affordable Payment: Predictable Pricing

We are excited to announce new forms of payment for our domestic relations, protection order and probate litigation clients: predictable pricing. Predictable pricing allows you to have a better sense of your legal fees so you can plan your budget, picking and choosing what you need. This pricing model is very similar to our current unbundled pricing model because you choose what you want and pay in advance. Continue reading “Andersen Law PC Introduces New Form of Affordable Payment: Predictable Pricing”

The Modern Legal Practice: Why You CAN Afford an Attorney

On May 11, 2018, I attended a seminar on Modern Legal Representation.

The AMAZING news is that Andersen Law PC has been practicing these techniques from the day we opened our doors, and I used many of these practices for years before opening the firm.  A few attorneys are trying these techniques of late. Few if any have been doing all of them as long and as consistently as I have.

I think we have modern representation down to a science and know how to make it work for our clients at Andersen Law PC. After years of doing this type of practice, what seems new and different to other attorneys is actually familiar, routine and downright comfortable for us.  We know what works, what does not work, and how to use modern representation techniques to best benefit you. For unbundled representation and some of the types of representation below, the retainer is a lot smaller than you would think.

Here are some aspects of our firm that can save you thousands of dollars as opposed to those traditional firms with huge retainers:

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VIDEO: What to Do When Your Spouse Files for Divorce in Colorado

When you got married, you probably never imagined a sheriff’s deputy showing up at your door to serve you with divorce papers. Unfortunately, that’s often what happens. And now that it’s happened to you, you probably want to know what to do next.

We can help.

If you need to know what to do when your spouse files for divorce in Colorado, here’s how to get started.

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Download Our Free Divorce Document Tracking Chart

At Andersen Law PC, we know the divorce process can be confusing, especially if you go it alone without an attorney.

But we are here to help, whether you want support for specific steps or you want us to represent you through your entire case.

Whichever option you choose, it’s important to clearly understand steps of the process to always know what to expect. You need to stay organized, and prepare and receive necessary documents at the right times. That’s why we’ve created the following document tracking chart that you can print off and fill in as you go through the divorce process in Colorado.