What You Need to Know About Remote Notarization in Colorado

A notary public is authorized to notarize signatures. They are not proving that the content of a document is true or genuine. They are simply witnessing and approving the signature itself. In the past, the notary and the person signing needed to be in the same room.

However, with Colorado’s new rules, a notary may notarize a document (attesting that the signature is genuine) remotely. The conditions of remote notarization are set forth below. After reading them, one must wonder if this is even worth it. Time will tell. Among other things, the entire transaction must be recorded, including a litany of statements about the event. The recording must then be saved for 10 years. While remote notarization may be the future, the future looks to be a major hassle including, the obligation of paying remote notary providers for the privilege of letting them record (and possibly even sell) the notary data. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Remote Notarization in Colorado”

November is Veterans Day Month: 10 Tips for the Military Divorce

By Beth Andersen

There are various aspects of military divorces, such as specialized benefits and overseas deployments, that can make them more complicated than many civilian divorces. Oftentimes, it’s most beneficial to veterans and their spouses to seek legal advice from divorce attorneys who are knowledgable and skilled in the area of military divorce.

If you are a veteran, active duty military or a military spouse considering divorce, here are 10 things you should know about the divorce process.

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Andersen Law Celebrates 6 Years

IALPC celebrates six years with cake t’s hard to believe only six years ago Andersen Law PC was one attorney and an idea to reshape her practice to a new form of family law—one focused on honesty and the highest of ethical standards. Attorney Beth Andersen pursued her dream by renting a single office in the back of a small firm to open Andersen Law PC on Oct. 1, 2014. In a renovated room that once served as the kitchen to an Applebee’s, Beth worked tirelessly for her clients; clients she cared about; clients that might not have any options left without her. Continue reading “Andersen Law Celebrates 6 Years”

October 2020 Domestic Court Update: 9 New Pointers for Parents

Everything is a moving target with COVID-19, quarantine and overworked courts changing the way family law is practiced in our courts. Unfortunately, many staffers in our courts were furloughed when the courts already had more than they could do.

In my opinion, sometimes judges are a bit hard on parents who would have stayed married if “getting along” were an option. But even so, the reality is that you must co-parent or parallel parent if you possibly can. Courts will assume both parents can confer and reach agreements. Courts will assume meaningful, unsupervised time with both parents is going to happen absent “endangerment” such as child abuse or neglect or “significant emotional impairment” harming the child’s mental health long term. We already published a blog about video hearings and those rules still apply. But there are new updates parents MUST know before proceeding to family law court. Continue reading “October 2020 Domestic Court Update: 9 New Pointers for Parents”

Domestic Violence Survivor Tips

Guest post by Crisis Center

Domestic violence continues to be a commonly misunderstood topic that is rarely discussed. Many believe abuse only looks like a black eye or a broken arm; while this is commonly the case, abuse also shows up in more covert ways that are just as difficult to battle.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors and tactics a perpetrator uses to give them power and control over their partner. These behaviors can manifest in the relationship as emotional, psychological, verbal, spiritual, sexual and many other types of abuse. Victims of domestic violence are exposed to a wide range of control and abuse, and no two stories are the same. Continue reading “Domestic Violence Survivor Tips”

Las Cortes de Colorado Reabren en Mayo 2020

Ahora que las comunidades de Colorado se han movido de la orden de “Quedarse en Casa” a “Mas Seguros en Casa”, las cortes de Colorado actualmente están implementando aumentos en servicios en persona, empezando este mes. Anderson Law PC esta observando con suma atención y siguiendo los nuevos protocolos y formas de procedimiento de las Cortes y actualizando nuestros procesos según los cambios de seguridad anunciados por el gobierno. Nuestros empleados mantienen la oficina limpia y desinfectada “practicando estrictas normas de distanciamiento social e higiene,” usando mascara y guantes, abriendo la oficina a mitad de capacidad todo el tiempo, e limpiando y desinfectando todas las superficies.

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What to Expect When You Sell Your Home in a Divorce

Guest post by Mike Olson, GO Colorado Homes

When you go through a divorce, one of the hardest and oftentimes most important decisions is what will happen with the family home. Sometimes this is an easy decision and sometimes a hotly contested, emotional one, but before you decide which route to take, it is important to understand the benefits and potential downsides to each spouse taking ownership and what to expect if you decide to sell. Continue reading “What to Expect When You Sell Your Home in a Divorce”