Download Our New Easy-to-Follow Steps of Divorce Chart

At Andersen Law PC, we work with clients to help reduce the stress and uncertainty of the divorce process. The latest resource we’ve created to do that is our divorce process flowchart, which breaks the process down into its basic parts.
Please use this tool as a reference as needed and share with people you know who could benefit! Click here to get a full-size version to print or download.

Andersen Law PC Steps of Divorce Flowchart


Chart designed by Magpie Media for Andersen Law PC 2018

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You Say “I Do,” We Say “Prenup”: Things to Know Before Deciding If You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

By Beth Andersen, Andersen Law PC

So you are planning to get married? While a premarital or prenuptial agreement (often called a “prenup”) may not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, I believe these agreements can actually make the marriage more likely to succeed. Read More »

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How to Successfully Downsize After a Divorce

how to downsize after a divorce - Andersen Law PC

Guest post by Kate Higgins of Unibell Financial

Whether you’re motivated by financial benefits or lifestyle perks, moving to a smaller space after a divorce can be a smart idea with lasting benefits. Ready to start this daunting but exciting task? Here are some tips to help you seamlessly and successfully downsize your home: Read More »

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Is It Time to Give Up the Car Keys?

Guest post by Pamela D. Wilson, advocate for family and professional caregivers. 

We love our cars.  Some of us love the type of car we own and the way it looks: sporty, shiny or compact. For others it’s the way our cars make us feel when we’re driving: a convertible with the wind blowing through our hair. Others love the ability to jump in the car and go for a drive: the freedom and mobility a car provides.

car keys


Read More »

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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Newly Single or Divorced Person

I have done divorce hearings on the day that should be its opposite: Feb. 14, St. Valentine’s Day.  The irony does not escape my clients.  I am sure they will always recall the DATE of their divorce and find the holiday bittersweet as a result.  The truth is that this holiday can be trying for people who are divorcing, breaking up or newly divorced.  The following are tips to make the most of the day despite this challenge.  Read More »

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Get Free Info on Family Law Legal Procedures Jan. 19

On Friday, Jan. 19, join me at the Domestic Relations Pro Se Clinic at the Arapahoe Courthouse II, if you are representing yourself in a family law case and have questions about procedures.

I will volunteer at the clinic from 8:30 a.m. to noon in Room 128, next to the Clerk’s Office.

Individuals will get 15 minutes with an attorney and assistance will be given on a first come, first served basis.

We will not provide legal advice, but will offer procedural information.

The courthouse is at 1790 W. Littleton Blvd. in Littleton.

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What You Should Know About Discharging Domestic Debts in Bankruptcy

What You Should Know About Discharging Domestic Debts in Bankruptcy - AndersenLawPCWhen you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many of your debts will be discharged, meaning you will no longer be liable to pay them. However, certain types of domestic debts are non-dischargeable, so filing for bankruptcy will not get rid of your liability to pay those debts. Below is a breakdown of how the different types of bankruptcy can affect your domestic debts. Read More »

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Why You Should Arrange Estate Planning in 2018

As you look ahead to the New Year, you might set new goals or make resolutions dealing with your health, wealth and happiness. But the start of the year is also a great time to get organized with estate planning. Sure, it’s great to save some money or make your first big parents reading to soninvestment with a new home. But you work hard to make that possible! So make sure you have a say in what happens to it if something happens to you. As K.P. Edwards wrote in “Financial Counseling and Planning,” “Estate planning has long been recognized as an important part of financial planning for families.”

Contrary to popular belief, you are never too young, too healthy or too single to have a will, and you don’t need to have kids to justify drafting one either. Read More »

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Should You File a Paternity Action or an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Case?

While you can combine the actions in certain situations, it is common that a parent will have to decide whether to file a paternity action under CRS 10-4-105 or an allocation of parental responsibilities (APR) proceeding under CRS 14-10-107. happy dad and daughter

Here are some things to consider: Read More »

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How Technology Can Help With Long-Distance Caregiving

 The following is a guest post by Marie Villeza of Her mission is to empower seniors against ageism by providing information they need to keep control of their own lives. Marie developed to provide seniors and their caregivers with resources and advice.

The famous Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” When the world and its technologies move so fast, we struggle to keep up — sometimes we resist it — but our life can be easier if we embrace the changes of time’s innovations and learn to use them. The modern world has certainly made long-distance communication more convenient, and if you are care for an elderly parent from far away, you may have some help. Read More »

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