Learn About Littleton Family Law Practice Andersen Law PC (Video)

I’m so excited to share with all of you this new video about my family law practice in Littleton, Colorado. I was fortunate to team up with Denver Film & Digital to create a brief video that encompasses what Andersen Law PC is all about.

I work hard to stand out among other Colorado family law attorneys and believe that my own experiences of working in big, New York City law firms and then going through my own divorce have helped make me the family law and divorce attorney that I am today. 

I care about every client and every case I work on, whether it be estate planning or a divorce case and everything in between, and I strive to keep my clients on track to meet their goals and get them the best results. While settling is always ideal — as I say in the video, it’s really more of a negotiation than settlement — I am always prepared to go to trial. Preparation is one of the biggest keys to my success as a Colorado family law attorney.

Watch the video to learn more about Andersen Law PC. And thank you to my wonderful clients who were willing to be on camera for a testimonial! I am so appreciative to you for helping me spread the word about what makes Andersen Law PC different than other family law firms.